Why You Should Have Accounts on Multiple Social Media Platforms

Should I be present on several social media platforms or should I focus all my digital marketing efforts on one network?

That’s an issue that’s poking the brains of the many small businesses, social media influencers, and digital marketers.

The answer is simple: so as to maximize your gains, you would like to possess accounts on multiple social media platforms. During this article, we explain the advantages of this strategy.social media engement

Why do you have to move on Several Social Media Platforms?

More Audiences

It is absolutely true that the majority of people – including your target customers – tend to use one social media platform over others. It all depends on their interests, preferences, technical skills, and personality. However, it’s also true that you simply cannot expect to capture your entire audience on one network.

There are always exceptions to the rule, so the likelihood is that you simply are missing some parts of your potential audience by limiting yourself to at least one network.

To optimize your outreach to the very best possible number of social media users and to maximize your exposure, you ought to create accounts on multiple social media platforms. Even more importantly, you would like to optimize these accounts and schedule social media posts on each of them on a daily basis. There’s no point in having accounts on different social media platforms if you’re not getting to use them. On the contrary, this might hurt you as your leads see your empty, meaningless pages.


Another reason why you ought to be present on a variety of social media platforms is that the incontrovertible fact that your competitors are already there. Regardless of that industry and niche your business is in, similar companies are presumably being active everywhere on social media, trying to capture the eye of all possible users.

And you ought to be doing an equivalent. You don’t want to seem less technologically advanced and less socially engaged than your competitors, do you?

Search Engine Ranking

Having accounts and posting content on a couple of different social media platforms is vital for yet one more reason. Of course, you ought to aim at reaching bent the utmost possible audience through your social media posts. But what’s the last word goal of all of this?

To drive traffic to your website, right?

Well, having optimized accounts and being constantly active on multiple social media networks helps you achieve this goal in another way. Namely, it enhances your website’s program ranking. Whether you recognize it or not, social media is vital for SEO.social media site

Different Types of Content

The truth of the matter is that as a little business owner or a social media influencer, you’ll get to create digital content of various formats including blog posts, images, photos, info-graphics, videos. This suggests that you simply will get to use multiple social media platforms as most networks specialize in one sort of content.

For example, YouTube is that the absolute leader in video marketing. An equivalent holds true for Instagram when it involves visual digital marketing. So, you’ll get to create accounts on all different social media networks to realize the goals and targets set in your social media marketing strategy.


The last vital reason to possess accounts on numerous social media platforms is cross-posting. This refers to sharing your social media posts initially published on one network on other networks. As an example, you’ll schedule Instagram posts on Facebook and Twitter. Similarly, you’ll share YouTube videos on Facebook and Instagram.

What’s the purpose of this?

There are two benefits. First of all, obviously, this helps with exposure. Why do you have to limit the outreach of your Facebook posts to the Facebook audience only? Why not share the diligence you’ve put into creating them and your unique perspective with Twitter and Instagram users as well? Albeit most of your audience is active on Facebook, you’ll definitely attract the eye of some new segments once you cross-post.

Second, cross-posting your social media content helps with ranking. It facilitates the establishment of connections between your different social media sites.

On Which Social Media Networks Should Be Have Accounts?

As you see, there are numerous reasons why you ought to not limit your brand’s online presence to one social media site. However, it’s not realistic to expect that you simply can dominate all networks without hiring a whole digital marketing agency to handle your social media strategy. That’s why you ought to specialize in a couple of which have the most important audiences and offer the simplest exposure to businesses and influencers.

Here’s an inventory of social media platforms you ought to consider to optimize your performance:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn

The importance of social media

The answer to the primary question is certainly yes. Having your own business website and embracing digital is OK. Also, it certainly must be well-designed, carry much important and relevant information and, most significantly of all, act as a channel through which clients and potential clients can make contact. However, none of that’s much use if nobody sees it.

A social media page can help attract traffic to your site in the first place. It provides an additional outlet to publish news, views, and other information, also offering a replacement and highly accessible thanks to interacting together with your potential and actual clients.

Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

These two factors mean that in marketing terms, it initially impacts the primary two parts of the customer journey: the notice stage, when the potential customer first discovers that your company and services exist, followed by the consideration stage, where repeated exposure to the present knowledge is required to assist persuade them to require up what’s on offer.

Furthermore, once someone does become a client, using multiple social media platforms is often an excellent way of attracting further business. It offers another means to remain in-tuned with them, promote special offers and supply an additional contact point for brand spanking new customers.

Since one of the simplest marketing tools any firm has is that the satisfied customer who wants to recommend your services to their friends and family, a social media presence offers an opportunity for them to send a link to others via their own accounts.

Why choose multiple social media platforms?

Some firms are rather neglectful about social media. They’ll have a page on Twitter or Facebook but pay little attention thereto and make no major effort to maximize its potential.

However, albeit one page is given much attention, that alone will only get you thus far. Only using one platform will constrain the type of mediums you’ll use, also because of the audience you’ll reach.

For example, if you simply have Instagram, your content is going to be mainly visual, with less scope for text. If you don’t use a video-sharing platform like YouTube, you’ll pass up the right setting for providing longer video content. If you aren’t using Twitter, you’ll miss out on the perfect platform for sending short, sweet, and straightforward messages with attached links.social media management

Find the best social media channels for your business

Depending on your target market, you’ll find that some sites aren’t much use for your services and you’ll be best off putting more content on some sites than others. However, it’s still true that by using multiple platforms you’ll reach more of your audience.

For instance, of these 45 million, around 35-40 million actively use Facebook, while 37.1 million use YouTube. Add in 27 million LinkedIn profiles, 24 million Instagram accounts, and an estimated 13-14 million Twitter users and it’s clear there are many multiple account users.

This means those devising buyer personas for marketing purposes can never simply describe the archetypal customer as someone who uses only one particular social media platform. That alone is reason enough to aim to put content on quite one among them.

Tailor your content accordingly

Having established that it’s useful and effective to possess content on different social media platforms, you’ll start to create a comprehensive social media strategy. This may have two elements. Firstly, you’ll consider how you would possibly best reach your audience and decide to produce the content accordingly, be it blogs, adverts, videos, or images.

Secondly, you’ll seek to use the foremost appropriate platform for every of those, which can, in turn, enable you to avoid targeting sites that are of little use to you. This is often important because you don’t want to waste time and energy producing the incorrect quite content for mediums that will not be used heavily by your target market.

How to Manage Successfully Multiple Social Media Accounts?

Now that you simply skills important it’s to be present everywhere on social media and you recognize which social media sites to specialize in, you would possibly be beginning to worry about how you’ll be ready to manage these accounts. Indeed, social media management can become a true nightmare if not done the proper way.

Luckily enough, there’s one social media management tool that may assist you tremendously in staying sane while succeeding together with your social media strategy. ViralNow combines a social media scheduler and a social media calendar.

The first tool – the social media scheduler – allows you to schedule social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube before time. In this way, you’ll choose the optimal days of the week and times of the day for your target audiences all across the world without compromising your night sleep or weekend rest. You’ll post different content like links, images, and videos. Moreover, ViralNow’s social media scheduler includes a picture editor which allows you to optimize your photos and other visual content materials for every social media network.

The second tool – the social media schedule or calendar – allows users to start out access a visible representation of their social media strategy. This tool shows both previously published posts and scheduled ones. It allows users to ascertain once they post content on which platforms to gauge if their posts are too frequent or too infrequent to realize the goals of their digital marketing strategy.

To establish your presence and grow your audience on the simplest social media platforms, start your free trial today in ViralNow.

Manage Successfully Multiple Social Media Accounts

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