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You’ve come on this page to find out more about ViralNow Social and the way it outperforms Sendible with regard to social media automation. While both ViralNow and Sendible are all-in-one social media management platforms, we offer you the tools and therefore the user-friendly interface that meet all of your social media marketing needs. We deliver nothing but what you expect.

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Automated reposting



Integration with Reddit



Branding visual content



Saving frequently used social media captions



Organizing social media accounts into groups



Instagram activity automation and direct messages



Affordability for individuals and businesses



Excellent TrustScore



ViralNow Social automates re-posting your evergreen content with the frequency selected by you.

Creating – and regularly re-posting – evergreen content may be a key component of the social media strategy of any successful brand.

Automating the re-posting of evergreen landing pages, blog posts, infographics, and videos is simple and efficient thanks to improving productivity and effectiveness within the ongoing struggle towards innovation within the social media industry.

As we aspire to enable and promote social media automation across our platform, we’ve made sure that re-posting is one of the tedious tasks that you simply can automate with ViralNow with zero effort. That’s an option that not many Sendible alternatives offer.

automated reposting content


Just found out the frequency for re-sharing your social media post and therefore the final date once you want it re-posted when scheduling a post. Our social media scheduler tool will look out at the remainder.

Our social media management tools integrate with Reddit also like all other major networks.

Having access to scheduling posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn may be a must for any social media automation platform. An equivalent holds true for YouTube and Tumblr though they’re more specialized social media networks.

With the ViralNow Social tool, you’ll schedule social media posts on Reddit too. This is often one among the features that make us an all-in-one social media management software and therefore the best Sendible alternative.

social media management platform

All in all, you get to manage multiple accounts on the seven most vital and popular social media platforms from one dashboard featuring a user-friendly interface. With us, there’s no got to remember various usernames and passwords as we allow you to streamline scheduling posts on social media.

ViralNow Social has automated the branding of social media posts.

Building brand awareness and establishing a web presence is that the initiative within the social media strategy of any company. You merely can’t start selling products or services before having made a reputation for yourself.

The most efficient thanks to looking out of this requirement are to feature your brand’s logo to the visual content that you simply include in your social media posts.

We at ViralNow have developed the Watermark – one among our signature tools – to assist with this. You’ll found out an equivalent logo for all of your social media accounts (if you represent one business) or a special logo for each of your accounts (if you’re a part of a digital marketing agency working with multiple clients).

social media branding kit

Afterward, our social media scheduler will automatically add your logo to each social media post published through our platform. Automating the branding process is one of the explanations why we’ve emerged together of the simplest Sendible alternatives.

With ViralNow Social, reusing key social media captions is as easy as never before.

You find yourself typing equivalent captions for your social media posts over and once again more frequently than not.

Each brand has an arsenal of social media captions which it uses in many posts. Hashtags are an honest example of this.

With our Caption tool for social media automation, you’ll save a vast number of frequently used captions.

ViralNow Caption Tool
ViralNow Caption Tool

All you’ve got to try to do is to settle on one among the saved captions – and edit it if necessary – when scheduling a post on any of your accounts. Because of the best Sendible alternative, we optimize all aspects of social media marketing.

Our tools assist you to organize social media accounts into groups in a way that creates the foremost sense for you.

Being able to schedule posts on multiple accounts on different platforms at an equivalent time is great.

What is even greater is having the ability to settle on an entire group of social media accounts were to publish a post instead of having to handpick all of them individually.

And that’s another aspect of streamlining your social media processes that we’ve facilitated.

ViralNow Social Media Scheduling, Marketing, Analytics & Automation Tool

With ViralNow’s Group tool, you’ll place your social media accounts from equivalent or different networks into groups.

Once you’ve done that, all that’s left is to pick the group where you would like to post when scheduling content. The simplest alternative to Sendible utilizes every single opportunity to assist you to save time and energy.

ViralNow Social has taken Instagram marketing to a subsequent level.

Scheduling posts is an integral part of social media marketing. However, creating and sharing content alone doesn’t suffice.

There’s such a lot more than a brand can do to reinforce social media engagement.

To boost engagement on Instagram, it’s essential not only to post but also to succeed in users and react to their posts. With the ViralNow social media management tool, you’ll automate your Instagram activity natively and authentically.

automate your Instagram activity
Automate your Instagram activities

That’s not even all that you simply can do on our Sendible alternative in terms of Instagram marketing. You gain access to the built-in box through your dashboard to send and receive Instagram direct messages while you’re employed on other aspects of your social media marketing plan.

ViralNow Social is cheaper for individual users with a couple of social media accounts also as for giant businesses with many accounts.

The best social media management platform and therefore the best alternative to Sendible should be affordable while providing access to all or any the tools which businesses got to market themselves socially.

For just $14/month, you’ll schedule unlimited posts on 14 social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr additionally to having access to detailed Instagram analytics.

For only $80/month, you’ll schedule unlimited posts on 79 social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Telegram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, VK, Ok.ru, Google My Business, Tinder, and YouTube. For comparison on spourt $99/month gives you access to 25 accounts and a couple of posts excluding YouTube, Tumblr, and Reddit. Analyzing Instagram performance will cost you a further $50/month for 10 accounts.

Our customers like using our social media management tools for marketing their business socially and have given us excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

Our work and devotion have paid off as we’ve achieved a superb TrustScore of 4.4.

This is what a number of our customers say about our social media management platform:

Far Exceeded My Expectations!

So a touch background, I even have several online businesses and as a result having up-to-date social media profiles and content may be a vital necessity. Over the last several months I had bounced around and purchased several social media calendar/ auto-posters and every one of them ending up lacking or failing in one regard or another, to the purpose where i used to be having to use 3 separate software’s to manage my social media (more work then just posting indidually!) a few weeks ago I say a billboard for ViralNow and that i ended up getting their top tier membership. Best descion ever!! Within the primary couple days of using it, i used to be ready to cancel all of the opposite software I had been using! ViralNow has far exceeded my expectations and has seriously been a game changer for my businesses. The amazing simple use including the sheer amount of options available for everything you would like (and also the awesome pricing!) makes this program far and away the simplest social media management software out immediately . I strongly encourage anyone that’s on the fence or trying to find something to assist simplify their life and business because it relates to social media, to defintley give ViralNow a try. you’ll thank me!!!

Spencer Washington

Am amazing product at a tremendous price

Am amazing product at a tremendous price. I even have many content management products and this is often the simplest tool in my arsenal. Have started scheduling my posts giving me relief from wanting to post a day despite my tight schedule.

This is a really simple but powerful automation for my content and therefore the benefit I even have seen that it posts perfectly well in facebook, twitter, instagram to call a couple of . Instagram functionality is amazing since i didn’t have this functionality in my other tools. Also the image posted is perfectly fitting altogether the various sorts of posts.

Hats off and perfectly proud of my purchase. The support is additionally excellent with timely response to my query regarding a change in email address.

Sushil Kumair

ViralNow is that the BOMB DOT COM!

I’m an Entertainment Publicist and my social media accounts are vital . For 12 years, i used to be a loyal Buffer client and recommended tons of business affiliates to their platform. Suddenly, they changed their platform and left me with a blank slate along side new options. I expected them to value our longtime history together, but they didn’t. They told me that they might hate to lose me as a client. Obviously not!

ViralNow and that i found one another on FB and that i couldn’t be happier. I don’t plan on doing any switching moving forward. I went from Hootsuite to Buffer and now my new family is ViralNow! The pricing/package is ideal and beats the competitors!

Thanks, ViralNow

My wallet and that i appreciate you!

Carmen Pearson

ViralNow isn’t just an alternate to Sendible but far more.

We have grown too far more than a Sendible alternative. ViralNow Social provides you with complete social media automation through tools and features which you don’t get with other social media management platforms, at a reasonable price.

Ready to give ViralNow Social a try?

But don’t take our word without any consideration. Start your 7 days free trails with all features to test.

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