Best Alternative to Buffer for Social Media Management

Looking for the simplest alternative to Buffer for managing your social media accounts in one place?

We are happy to assist you with Buffer alternatives 2021.

You’ve come to on this page to find out more about ViralNow Social and what it does differently – and better than buffer? While both ViralNow and Buffer offer all-in-one social media management solutions, we make social media marketing easier and more efficient.

To begin with, the following may be a quick response to the search “ViralNow vs Buffer”




Simultaneous scheduling on multiple accounts



Organizing social media accounts into groups



Unlimited posting on social media



Uploading media files from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, URL



Saving media files in File Manager



Editing images from the platform



Saving frequently used captions






Unified social media calendar



Integration with Pinterest, Telegram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, VK, Ok.ru, Google My Business, Tinder and YouTube



Automated content curation with RSS feeds



Instagram/Twitter activity automation and direct messages



Affordability for individuals and businesses



With ViralNow, you’ll schedule social media posts on multiple accounts on different networks at the same time

Customizing your posts for every social media platform is vital as each site comes with its own requirements and best practices. And you’ll definitely do this with our social media management tools.

However, sometimes you only want to publish an equivalent media and caption across different social media channels, quickly and efficiently. And because the best Buffer alternative out there. We’ve got you covered during this case also.

social media management platform

Our social media scheduler has the choice to organize posts for multiple accounts on various networks simultaneously. this suggests that you simply save your precious time and energy for more important tasks, like preparing the amazing digital content that your social media followers and customers expect from your brand.

With ViralNow, you’ll schedule unlimited social media posts a day and each month.

Not all days and months are equivalent within the social media calendar of a business. There are times once you got to schedule one post, and there are others once you need a mess of various social media posts.

We at ViralNow Social appreciate this reality, and that’s why you’ve got access to a vast number of posts on each of our subscription plans.

With our alternative to Buffer, you’ll never run out of places in your social media schedule.

ViralNow Social has automated reposting with a frequency chosen by you.

Creating evergreen content may be a major part of the social media strategy of any brand and business.

Automating the reposting of evergreen posts is equally important within the ongoing struggle for efficiency and innovation within the social media industry.

As we attempt to market social media automation across the spectrum, re-posting is one of those tedious tasks that you simply can easily automate with ViralNow. Not many Buffer alternatives offer this feature.

automated reposting content

All you would like to try to do is to line up the frequency for re-sharing your post and therefore the final date once you wanted it reposted when scheduling a social media post. We’ll look out of the remainder.

Having a comprehensive visualization of your social media marketing plan may be a priority for us.

Viewing your social media calendar for every account and every platform is great. After all, understanding visual content is far easier than comprehending written content.

Nevertheless, having access to one, unified social media calendar for all of your accounts across different networks takes visualization to an entirely new level.

That’s why the customizable social media schedule is simply one among the social media management tools available on ViralNow.

social media calendar

With a couple of clicks of the mouse, you’ll see a summary of your scheduled or published social media posts on one platform or all networks.

ViralNow integrates with more social media platforms, not just the essential ones.

Scheduling posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Telegram, Linked In, Tumblr, Reddit, VK, Ok.ru, Google My Business, Tinder and YouTube may be a must within the social media marketing business. Consequently, no social media scheduler can call itself comprehensive without giving businesses access to those networks.

Very few Buffer alternatives, however, transcend the fundamentals, and that we are one among them.

With ViralNow Social you’ll schedule social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Telegram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, VK, Ok.ru, Google My Business, Tinder, and YouTube from our all-in-one social media management platform.

These are three more networks which you’ll manage from one dashboard, not worrying about remembering usernames and passwords.

ViralNow provides social media automation with RSS feeds for the foremost relevant curated content.

To stand call at your niche, creating and posting your own content doesn’t suffice. you would like to curate the simplest digital content from other sources also.

Our social media scheduler integrates with RSS feeds from your own website also like other websites and blogs for automating content curation and posting.

RSS feeds for publishing content on social media

With our alternative to Buffer, you’ll never run out of quality content to share together with your audience once you rely not only on your team but also on the foremost trustworthy sources in your area.

Automated content syndication
Publish website posts to your social accounts with simple clicks

Our social media management tools have taken Instagram marketing to a replacement level.

Social media marketing isn’t only about scheduling posts. There’s far more that brands can do to optimize social media engagement.

To begin with, Instagram analytics are included altogether in our subscription plans, so with our Buffer alternative, there’s not got to pay a separate fee to be ready to see how your Instagram posts perform. As soon as you subscribe ViralNow Social and begin sharing posts on Instagram, you’ll see how your account and your individual posts perform and therefore the engagement that they generate.

ViralNow Instagram Analytics Tool
ViralNow Instagram Analytics Tool

And that’s not all. To optimize engagement on your Instagram account, it’s crucially important not only to post content but also to attach with other users and react to their posts. With ViralNow you’ll automate your Instagram activities and Twitter activities with authentically.

Last but not least, you’ll use the inbox available on our social media management platform to send and receive Instagram direct messages as you’re employed on other aspects of your social media strategy from an equivalent dashboard.

After all, we expect nothing less of the simplest Buffer alternative among social media management tools.

ViralNow Social is cheaper for both individuals managing a few social media accounts and large businesses with numerous accounts.

The best social media management platform and alternative to Buffer should even be affordable while providing access to all or any of the tools which brands got to market themselves socially.

For just $14/month, you get access to 14 social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr and therefore the opportunity to schedule unlimited posts also as Instagram analytics.

For only $80/month, you’ll schedule unlimited posts on 79 social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Telegram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, VK, Ok.ru, Google My Business, Tinder, and YouTube. For comparison on Buffer $99/month gives you access to 25 accounts and a couple of posts excluding YouTube, Tumblr, and Reddit. Analyzing Instagram performance will cost you a further $50/month for 10 accounts.

Our customers love what our social media management tools do for his or her business

Our efforts have paid off as we’ve achieved a TrustScore of 4.4, and this is often something rare in social media automation.

This is what a number of our customers say about our social media management platform:

Far Exceeded My Expectations!

  • So a touch background, I even have several online businesses and as a result, having up-to-date social media profiles and content may be a vital necessity. Over the last several months I had bounced around and purchased several social media calendar/ auto-posters and every one of them ending up lacking or failing in one regard or another, to the purpose where I used to be having to use 3 separate software’s to manage my social media (more work than just posting individually!) a few weeks ago I say a billboard for ViralNow and that I ended up getting their top tier membership. Best decision ever!! Within a primary couple of days of using it, I used to be ready to cancel all of the opposite software I had been using! ViralNow has far exceeded my expectations and has seriously been a game-changer for my businesses. The amazing simple use including the sheer amount of options available for everything you would like (and also the awesome pricing!) makes this program far and away from the simplest social media management software out immediately. I strongly encourage anyone that’s on the fence or trying to find something to assist simplify their life and business because it relates to social media, to definitely give ViralNow a try. you’ll thank me!!!

Spencer Washington
Am amazing product at a tremendous price

  • An amazing product at a tremendous price. I even have many content management products and this is often the simplest tool in my arsenal. Have started scheduling my posts giving me relief from wanting to post a day despite my tight schedule.
  • This is really simple but powerful automation for my content and therefore the benefit I even have seen that it posts perfectly well on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to call couple of. Instagram functionality is amazing since I didn’t have this functionality in my other tools. Also, the image posted is perfectly fitting altogether the various sorts of posts.
  • Hats off and perfectly proud of my purchase. The support is additionally excellent with timely response to my query regarding a change in email address.

Sushil Kumar

ViralNow is that the BOMB DOT COM!

  • I’m an Entertainment Publicist and my social media accounts are vital. For 12 years, I used to be a loyal Buffer client and recommended tons of business affiliates to their platform. Suddenly, they changed their platform and left me with a blank slate alongside new options. I expected them to value our longtime history together, but they didn’t. They told me that they might hate to lose me as a client. Obviously not!
  • ViralNow and that I found one another on FB and that I couldn’t be happier. I don’t plan on doing any switching moving forward. I went from Hootsuite to Buffer and now my new family is ViralNow! The pricing/package is ideal and beats the competitors!
  • Thanks, ViralNow!
  • My wallet and that I appreciate you!

Carmen Pearson

ViralNow isn’t just an alternate to Buffer.

We have grown to be far more than a Buffer alternative but something more. We offer you to access all the tools and functionalities which you don’t get with other social media management tools at a reasonable price.

Ready to give ViralNow Social a try?

But don’t take our word without any consideration. Start your 7 days free trails with all features to test.

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