This article comprises a comprehensive ViralNow review including a summary of the social media management and social media automation Tool.

In brief, ViralNow is an all-in-one business management and communication platform which provides you with the apps that you simply got to run a successful company within the 21st century. Our platform has automated and streamlined all processes related to having a positive income business.

Continue reading our ViralNow review to know how each individual tool on our platform helps you automate one among your business processes in the most effective way.

ViralNow Social: Social Media Management Tool

Social media marketing has become one of the foremost important factors for the expansion and success of a corporation also as for its ability to beat the competition.

We at ViralNow comprehend this reality, and that’s why the primary app that we’ve developed with the requirements of business owners, product managers, and digital marketers in mind is social media management tools.

ViralNow Social functions as a social media scheduler additionally to a social media calendar, integrated into one platform. In our ViralNow review, we might wish to highlight that from our app you’ll schedule one or more social media posts on multiple accounts on different social media networks simultaneously, before time. Importantly, we offer you access to automatically and directly scheduling posts on all must-have social media sites including:

  • Facebook business pages and Facebook groups
  • Twitter
  • Instagram personal and business accounts
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • LinkedIn personal profiles and business pages
  • YouTube
  • Google My Business
  • And many more…

We’d wish to highlight the very fact that ViralNow Social allows for direct publishing of Instagram posts of all kinds – single and multiple images and videos, Instagram stories, IGTV, and Instagram carousel – without the necessity for mobile push notifications.

This is often one among the features which distinguishes us from other top social media management tools like the ContentStudio alternative, the Hootsuite alternative, the Later alternative, and therefore the Loomly alternative as these platforms haven’t automated Instagram marketing to nearly an equivalent degree.

Moreover, our review of ViralNow Social won’t be complete without mentioning the automation of social media re-posting. Once you schedule a post with our social media scheduler, you’ll set whether you would like to possess your post published just one occasion or multiple times – with a frequency selected by you, until a final date also selected by you.

This suggests that you simply can easily and quickly continue reshaping your evergreen digital content or holiday promotional campaigns without putting in the extra effort.

In addition, as mentioned earlier during this ViralNow review, our platform provides a social media schedule. This tool helps you visualize your social media marketing plan by gaining access to all or any published and scheduled posts on all of your social media accounts.

Of course, to comprise an all-inclusive social media automation platform, ViralNow Social comes with many other tools. For instance, you’ll edit photos and pictures right from our platform while scheduling a post, without the necessity to form changes offline then re-upload your files.

You’ll also automate the branding of images by fixing your brand logo to be added to all or any of your visual posts. Additionally, ViralNow Social provides you with the chance to save lots of all of your frequently used social media captions like hashtags to reuse them easily and conveniently in your future social media posts.

With regards to Instagram marketing, you’ll enhance your social media engagement on this network by sending and receiving Instagram direct messages right from our platform. There’s no got to work on multiple browsers to speak together with your Instagram followers when scheduling posts on social media accounts.

For just $14/month, you get access to 14 social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr and therefore the opportunity to schedule unlimited posts also as Instagram analytics.

For only $80/month, you’ll schedule unlimited posts on 79 social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Telegram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Reddit, VK, Ok.ru, Google My Business, Tinder and YouTube. For comparison on spourt $99/month gives you access to 25 accounts and a couple of posts excluding YouTube, Tumblr, and Reddit. Analysing Instagram performance will cost you a further $50/month for 10 accounts.

Start your 7 days free trial and build your brand awareness.

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