Track and Monitor Social Media

People are engaging in conversations associated with your brand across multiple Social Media Monitoring.

According to the latest reports, Twitter alone witnessed that 500 million messages were sent daily.
Leveraging social conversations has become a priority for brands. Incorporating social media monitoring and engagement is mandatory.

But where does one start?

Know Your Social Media Channels For Business Opportunity: The ‘Why’ and ‘Where’

You know you’ve got to trace and monitor social media conversations happening associated with your brand. So, you choose a tool that will assist you to do this.

Sounds simple, isn’t it?

But it’s not how social media monitoring is completed. That’s not the start line. Getting a tool to watch social media conversations and tracking social media engagement is that the last step.

The start line is to possess a transparent objective of why you would like to watch social media conversations and where will you monitor.

If you’re doing this because everyone else is doing it, you’re surely getting into troubled waters.

Set a goal.

Start with an issue.


When you have a group idea of why you would like to trace and monitor social media conversations, it becomes easy for you to form a plan of action. The subsequent thing to work out is – where will you monitor.

Every brand features a different business proposition. You would possibly enjoy all the social channels or with only one or two, counting on your product/services.

Social media is about building relationships.

So you would like to understand where exactly your audience is spending their majority of the time. You can’t possibly be everywhere on just one occasion. You would like to understand where maximum conversations are happening, and accordingly, kick off your social media strategy with the proper tools to live social media engagement.

Are social media monitoring and tracking for business worth it?

I am sure you’re aware that monitoring is keyword-based. Hence, your first task would be to pick the foremost important keywords associated with your business and industry. You’ll use brand names, competitors’ names, relevant keywords, then on to trace and monitor social conversations.

Using such keywords, you’ll join a conversation thread happening across any social channel.

For instance,

Do you remember that ‘worm-funeral Twitter banter between a cucumber-loving customer and Tesco?

It all started when Wes Metcalfe, a regular Tesco customer bought a cucumber and complained of finding a worm inside the packaging in a rather funny way.

That’s a huge setback for any business.

But Tesco took to Twitter to resolve it in an even funnier way.

Of course, it didn’t stop here.

Wes went on to possess a true funeral and Tesco joined in too, beat honest humor. Inspect their response and therefore the full conversation here.

This is just a sneak into how businesses are monitoring social media conversations by understanding the way to track social media minutely. (To not miss out on any conversations make use of a social inbox). There are many management tools like Sendible which will assist you here. But it is not considerably budget-friendly, especially for individuals and agencies. Instead, choose some better Sendible alternatives from this curated list.

Be it engaging with their customers by monitoring social media conversations or stepping into a cheeky fight with another brand through social media tracking (See below the Twitter banter between Old Spice and Taco Bell), conversations are getting increasingly crucial to leverage business opportunities.

Although I even have listed down Twitter examples majorly, such is that the conversation stature across other social media channels also.

The bottom line here is: taking note of your customers, monitoring social media conversations using specific keywords, and responding to them is important to retain customers and connect with potential new prospects.

So, how does one do this?

Here may be a quick guide on the way to roll in the hay.

How to Tracking and Monitoring Social Media Conversations?

The beauty of social media tracking and monitoring is that you simply will find new trends a day. Every day a replacement hashtag takes over social media. Consumers engage in multiple ways across multiple channels. There is no telling what you discover within the next minute.

Social media monitoring helps you track business opportunities in various forms:

  • It can either be a chance to make an academic content
  • A content to unravel a drag
  • Maybe a relationship-building opportunity

Benefit your Business by Social Media Monitoring & Tracking

1. Understanding the emotions, positive or negative, of their targeted audience across social media platforms. It helps in pinpointing certain behavioral patterns which will be useful in improving the positive sentiment ratio.

2. Any feedback or suggestion mentioned with the name is beneficial. It gives businesses a chance to:

  • Connect thereupon user in real-time
  • Engage during a conversation
  • Help to resolve a problem
  • Thanking you for a positive review
  • And keeping the conversation going

It isn’t necessary to always have a response ready; sometimes simply listening helps.

3. Tracking back-links are often helpful in improving SEO for a business.

4. Identifying a standard pain point that multiple customers have highlighted helps a business to seem into it instantly and obtain it resolved. A business can remodel its customer service experience to handle complaints. If the complaints are industry-related, maybe a fast update on the product/services or a moment blog handling an equivalent can help.

Track and Monitor Social Media Activities/Engagement For Your Business

It all starts with choosing a relevant social media tracking and monitoring tool. I’ll assume you’ve already got ViralNow.

That’s why you’re here!

Once you finish with all the setup and configurations, start tracking and social media monitoring activities.

Steps to start out with monitoring social media conversations:

  • Schedule bulk social media updates across multiple channels to trigger real-time engagement.
  • Work on building a brand image across social channels.
  • Design a multi-channel social media strategy to urge maximum results.
  • Set up a particular goal that you simply want to realize, like what proportion of traffic you would like to drive in together with your social media campaigns.
  • Start monitoring responses for every update across all channels.

Measure your social media efforts effectively to leverage business growth opportunities

1. Track your total number of followers on social media channels that interest you. A uniform growth during this number may be a pointer that your content and visuals are attracting new fans. You’ll check the analytics of your social media page/profile to trace the expansion month-on-month or weekly basis or quarterly.

2. Identify the simplest time to interact together with your customers and potential prospects. You would like to understand when exactly is your majority audience most active on social media. Best days and best time. Supported by this information, you’ll create a tailored social media strategy to trigger more engagements.

Best Times to Post on Social Media:

3. Track the entire reach of your posts
This is an immediate number that reveals whether your audience likes your posts or not. Tracking the entire outreach of your posts can assist you to create content that’s resourceful, engaging, and shareable.

For this, you would like to require a dig at

  • Your audience’s demographics
  • Various mentions of your brand
  • Understand the entire ‘impressions’

4. Track competitors’ social media activities
Analyze how your competitors are engaging across multiple social channels. Identify the keywords used, the sort of content, and therefore the extent of engagement.

Use your initial reports because of the base or benchmark for your future efforts.

Ask these two primary questions while measuring your efforts:

  • Are your numbers the same as your expectations?
  • How are they as compared to your competitors’ numbers?

Depending on the answers you get to those questions, you’ll start rescheduling and adjusting your social media updates. You’ll work on creating more engaging visuals and content to make more conversations and engagement. Include all situational contexts and conditions when measuring your social media activities to derive real-time data points.

Once you’ve got carefully analyzed your reports, the subsequent step is to review them. Make sure you haven’t omitted any metrics, carefully understand what can improve your social media campaigns, and found out new goals for your brand. If you’re using paid ads, determine a budget and expected results.

Social media is all about handling people of varied psychologies. Not all will react an equivalent way. Your goal is to make the utmost impact together with your content, visuals, and other engaging activities like polls, quizzes, contests, etc.

Social media monitoring tips

Think beyond your brand

It’s important to trace conversations about your brand, your products, and your competitors. But you ought to also think beyond your brand to watch conversations that may offer you a far better picture of your overall industry, or present opportunities to gather new data to use to your social listening strategy.

If you’re an employment recruitment/listing service, for instance, you’d want to line up keyword search streams for things like “job interview,” or “job search.” That way you’ll stay plugged into your entire space, and not limit yourself to only mentions of your own company.

Benchmark against your competitors

Monitoring your own keywords and metrics is great, and offers many data for your social listening strategy. But understanding your competitors’ metrics provides a fuller picture of the state of your industry, and where your brand fits.

Monitoring your social share of voice may be very easy thanks to knowing when there are changes in your standing compared to your competitors. If your share goes down, meaning someone else’s share of social voice has gone up. If you see this happen in real-time, you’ll dig deeper to ascertain what’s changed, and strategic ways to regain your standing.

Social share of voice is such a crucial metric. If there’s a change, the relevant teams can dive in immediately to ascertain what’s happening, and why.

Learn from your audience

As you build your list of terms to watch, keep an eye fixed out for unexpected terms your audience might use. Features a new hashtag emerged? A replacement abbreviation for a key term in your industry? A replacement concept? A replacement competitor?

These insights can provide an entirely new way of brooding about your business while supplying you with valuable data when added to your monitor program.

Go deeper with keyword combinations

Don’t limit yourself to monitoring simple keywords or key phrase. Use combinations of keywords to spot intent in social signals.

For example, try adding the word “recommend” to a keyword associated with your product or industry. You’ll start to ascertain people actively seeking information on products like yours. You’ll also see how others within the industry respond. Here are some valuable qualifying keywords to feature to your social monitoring streams:

  • Recommend
  • Suggest
  • Help
  • Improve
  • Explain
  • Favorite
  • Best

Don’t limit yourself to at least one language

Unless you simply operate in one country, with one language, you’ll likely want to watch for keywords in multiple languages. You’ll enter all of your translations in one stream to watch global conversations about your brand.

Use ViralNow to simply find and monitor conversations that are relevant to your business on social media. Save plenty of your time and improve performance. Try it free today!

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